Furry Friends - Kristen Mary Smith
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Jack In The Box 2

I was walking on the trail without my camera and saw the cutest squirrel peering out of a bird box. I ran all the way home to grab my camera and ran back on the off-chance it would still be there. Nope---wasn't there. I was so bummed. I made a rule that day that I would never walk that trail without my camera again.
Since then, every day that I have been near that spot on the trail, I have looked for the squirrel in the box and been disappointed. About a year and a half later, I was beyond tickled when I saw its little face peering out at me and he never moved except the blinking of its eyes. I pointed him out to a few passersby and one talked to him saying, "What are you doing up there? Just watching the world go by?" Yep, joy in the little things.

squirrelboxsquirrel in a boxpeekaboo